Cover Story

You think you know me,
but read me like a cover of a book.
There’s so much more to me,
than how you’ve chosen to look.

Maybe you skimmed a few pages,
and looked at the pictures of my different stages.
And before I am able to explain,
I am judged without understanding my pain.

Now you want to write my story,
and give yourself all the glory.
My voice is absent in the retelling of these pages,
but you say you know me and all my different faces.

But I am the guilty one too,
for I have labeled and misjudged you.
I said I knew you,
and spoke unkind words too.

With these assumptions we live half-truths,
and exchange false words and more abuse.
How long will we continue to be,
absent minded in our philosophy?

When will we finally decide,
to change the rules in which we abide?
To see a friend in an unfamiliar face,
and find understanding in a new place.

– Susan Clark (SFCK)

Artist: Jessica Shepard


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