When a painter creates a painting, it becomes a reflection of them; though the painting is not them, it is always connected to its source creator. I am a living painting. That is all we are, living pieces of art; living as extensions from our source creator, breathing life and beauty into our manifested world. Each of us is fully capable of creating as we were created.

Just as the painting creates a sense of beauty and inspiration for the beholder, so am I made to create and inspire. We are creators within a beautiful creation. As the painting is inspired by the imagination of the creator’s interpretation of the material world, it further inspires the material world. We all have the ability to create through a limitless imagination and manifest our visions.

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only change from one form to another…” We breathe energy and exhale possibilities, as we are energy. Out of the ashes, the phoenix rises above the flames. Let each day become an avenue of possibilities. May our awareness of the present moment, connect us to a realm of infinite wonder; fueling our excitement and passion.  Follow your joy, listen to your heart, and know that every ending is a new beginning.

Cover Artist: Boris Vallejo

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